Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's alive!

It's the 6th of November, and I've already done more blog posts than any other month since May.  By now, those of you familiar with NaBloPoMo have probably figured out that that's my goal for this month.  I figure that if I can manage to get some sort of post up every day for a month, then I'll get back on track with fairly regular posting after that.  I get too hung up sometimes on having a post just right.  I worry too much that my pictures aren't very good.  I'm just not a recipe writer (for the most part, anyway), so that slows me down when I can't easily link to an already published recipe.  But I'm trying to let all of that go and just find something to write about every day, no matter how simple or silly.

Today's is definitely on the silly side.  A few weeks ago, I pulled my sourdough starter, Ernie, out of the back of the fridge where he'd been languishing for...probably 8 or 9 months.  It took a couple days of feeding, but he did wake up, and I've been baking bread more often since then.  Most of the time I cheat a little, and spike the final dough with a bit of instant yeast in addition to the yeast present in the starter.  Apparently Ernie is pretty active, based on the picture above, and I can probably cut back a little on the instant yeast boost. =)


  1. Hooray for Ernie! I went down to Shane's parents' house for 2 weeks and when I came back Shane had cleaned out the fridge and thrown away my starter... It was in rough shape but I was hoping to revive it. Ah well :)

  2. I love that he has a name. How do you know if he's good or not?

  3. Happy Ernie! Looking forward to hearing about the loaves you bake together.