2012 - FOCUS

(read about my One Little Word for 2012)

Cookbook focus - Oatmeal Maple Scones (Cook's Illustrated Cookbook)
Magazine focus - Fastest Fudge Cake (Fine Cooking)
Friend focus - Vanilla-Scented Granola (Tracey's Culinary Adventures)
Kids focus - Birthday #9 (Brianna)
Flavor focus - Chocolate & Raspberry (B's birthday cake)
Pantry focus - Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies
Bread focus - BBA White Bread
Pan focus - Salted Caramel Bundt Cake (6-cup pan)
Tool focus - Hand-whipped cream (Balloon whisk)

Cookbook focus - Sweet & Salty Brownies (Baked Explorations)
Magazine focus - Cocoa Brownies with Browned Butter & Pecans (Bon Appetit)
Friend focus - Focus pendant
Kids focus - Raspberry Mango Smoothies
Flavor focus - Gingerbread Granola (ginger)
Pantry focus - Double Chocolate Scones
Bread focus - White Loaves
Pan focus - Chocolate Truffle Tart (tart pans)
Tool focus - Birthday cupcakes (piping tips)

Cookbook focus - none
Magazine focus - Triple Citrus Bars (Cook's Illustrated)
Friend focus - Citrus Sunday
Kids focus - Bagel pizzas
Flavor focus - Thyme tart crust
Pantry focus - Soda Bread
Bread focus - Danish
Pan focus - Italian Easter Cheese Bread
Tool focus - Dough whisk


Cookbook focus - Pizza Rustica (Baking with Julia)
Magazine focus - Easter eggs (CI)
Friend focus - 
Pantry focus - Crème Anglaise
Bread focus - 
Pan focus - Lemon (loaf?) cake
Tool focus - 

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