Sunday, November 4, 2012

Turn, turn, turn

It's been a weird day.  The time changing aways seems to do that.  I had lots of stuff that I wanted to accomplish this weekend, and having an extra hour should have helped with that.  Unfortunately, it's been a rather disjointed couple of days, with just enough stuff to do away from the house to really throw things out of whack, thanks to the timing of everything.  

I actually slept later than I expected to--7am by the new time on the clock.  Gillian was up before me, and looking for breakfast pretty much as soon as I walked down the stairs.  She's still making up for not eating much for a couple of days, and quickly polished off some yogurt while we figured out what I should bake for breakfast.  We settled on pumpkin muffins, though I admit I was a little worried about making something pumpkin for breakfast after Gillian's experience with the scones on Friday.  But she was enthusiastic about the idea, since I pretty much always put chocolate chips in them.  And they stayed down, so it was a better day. =)

I'm trying to get better about using the ingredients in my pantry, rather than just squirreling things away.  I've started to accumulate a pretty good collection of cupcake papers, for instance.  I love the high quality grease-proof ones, because you can peel them off without losing a bunch of the cake in the process.  And I've found that they come in lots of pretty colors and patterns.  I get some from my local baking supply shop, and quite a few from King Arthur.  Since I don't make that many cupcakes right now, they're starting to pile up, so I've been reminding myself to use them for muffins, too.  The ones pictured above seemed perfect for some autumn muffins.  You can find the muffin recipe here ( showing off some more of my collection of cupcake papers).  It's bedtime here, since I have to get an early start tomorrow, but hopefully it'll feel easier thanks to the change back to standard time.


  1. YUM! Fred Meyer here has amazing pumpkin chocolate chip cookies year-round.

    Which reminds me, I should bake pumpkin bread with T tomorrow. I think she'll like it.

  2. Mmmmm, pumpkin and chocolate is one of my new favorite combos! I love those liners, and I totally hoard mine too :)

  3. I do that hoarding thing, too! Good for you for using those beautiful papers. We have to keep reminding ourselves that they are there to be used and enjoyed.

  4. I always want to save pretty things, too, but you're right: why not have pretty in our everyday lives?! Those muffins look great!