Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mug shot

You could look at the picture above and think that since it's the beginning of November, I'm starting to get in the holiday spirit.  But I usually refrain from that until after Thanksgiving.  After that, all bets are off--the Christmas music and holiday earrings come out. =)  No, I use this mug and drink this tea all year long.  I love the mug because of its shape and capacity, and I love things with snowflakes.  As for the Christmas Morning tea, I first discovered it several years ago when Central Market was carrying some of the Stash holiday teas around Christmas.  (The Holiday Chai is another favorite.)  I bought a bunch, but eventually ran out.  The next year I had a harder time finding it, and eventually decided to just order it online directly from the source.  I buy it in loose tea as well, but sometimes the tea bags are handy and quick.  I drink a variety of black tea blends from Stash.  I just got a new order, and I love it when all the bags and boxes are full and I have lots of choices. =)  It disturbs all the southerners that I work with--the ones who mostly drink tea iced and quite sweet--but I pretty much always put milk in my (black) tea, along with a bit of sugar.  During the lovely Texas summers I can only drink it early in the morning or just before bed, but we're finally approaching the time of year when I can handle hot tea during the day as well.  And yes, I drink black tea--not decaf--before bed.  Not much keeps me awake if I'm tired, and there's no shortage of tired around here lately.

(I have no affiliation with Stash, I just happen to like their teas.)

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  1. TEA!! Chai is my fav. found some Chai with almond to try. Love the mug.