Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This seems to be the time of year when I take on new challenges.  It's not really a New Year's resolution thing, since I don't get around to it until February.  Last year, when I was still very new to blogging, I joined two amazing groups--Tuesdays with Dorie and the Daring Bakers.  I was quite nervous about it at the time.  I knew I'd be making things that would take me out of my comfort zone.  (That was kind of the point...)  And when I make a commitment to doing something, I want to make sure that I follow through.  Yes, I'm a big worrier as well as a rule-follower. =)  Things have turned out great--in a year's time, I've only missed one DB challenge, and I've made all but a handful of the TWD weekly recipes.  More importantly, I've made some amazing blogging friends, more than I can mention here (but check out my list of blogs on the left for many more of them).  

I'm probably crazy, but I've decided to take on another personal challenge.  It's an informal group with a simple goal--BYOB (Bake Your Own Bread).  Yes, all of it.  My first thought was that I must be insane for trying to do this.  But when I really started thinking about it, it wasn't as scary.  Since I got the Artisan Bread book for Christmas, I don't think I've actually bought any bread at the store.  And over the past year, I've made a lot of things that I would usually buy, like croissants, pizza, Danish braids, doughnuts, hamburger and hot dog buns, and bagels.  

In most cases, I was pleasantly surprised that these baked goods weren't as hard to make as I thought they would be.  I find it really satisfying to make things myself.  Some, like the laminated doughs, required a fair bit of time and effort, but the result was so worth it.  And some weren't as successful--like the doughnuts, which I really need to try again. =)  I love making the bread that my girls eat, because I know what goes into it.  And they love eating it.  

As Sandy says in her original post, there aren't any "yeast police."  I may very well end up buying bread at some point, and that's okay.  I'm in this to have fun and make some new things, not stress myself out.  And speaking of new things, does anyone have a good recipe for whole wheat flour tortillas?  =)  (B & G love quesadillas...)


  1. Oh my word, Di, I am so impressed! But if anyone can stick with a "BYOB" commitment, you can! I am a total bread baking newbie and just starting to get my toes wet. But there is just nothing better than freshly baked bread, and I will be eagerly following your new adventure in the hopes of learning from you!

    Oh, thanks for the link love :-) Without question, the best part of blogging has been making some great bloggy friends! In fact, at night when Elizabeth will not stay in bed because she needs a drink, a different lovey, to go to the potty, or to get tucked in again, I always figure that somewhere in Texas, you are getting the exact same runaround!

  2. Aw, thanks Di for the shoutout! I was baking a loaf tonight (for tomorrow's breakfast) and thinking that I have not bought any breakfast bread in a really long time. And that while I'm ripping through flour, I'm saving tons on loaves of really good bread for my husband's morning toast.

    I don't know if I can commit to baking all our bread, but I have committed to doing a lot of yeast baking, and am following through on that one; baking bread a couple of times a week. I'm still in the no-knead territory but will be testing deeper waters in time. I love reading your bread adventures. Did I tell you that I ordered those dough rising buckets that you posted? They were shipped yesterday!!

  3. I need to bake more bread.Thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. I have been stalking BYOB too, I love that it encourages folk like us to keep baking and experimenting with bread.
    I have loved your breadie adventures and looks forward to reading more!
    ps, thanks for the friend link - I was actually flying over the words hoping I was one!

  5. I've been unofficially doing the BYOB thing I guess! I love all the no knead things, I just never think ahead enough to do it :)

  6. what I love about you is that you do try things out of your comfort zone. It makes life interesting, doesn't it? I have a couple of awards for you over at my blog if you can stop by and pick them up. You are the best!

  7. Hi! I am a newbie baker! and joining BYOB inspires me to do more baking! It was not as hard as I thought, and I'm looking forward to more baking adventures with you and the BYOB community :)

  8. good for you, Di. I love making bread and since I have THE BOOK now I am going to try more. It is so good to smell/eat/devour home made bread....