Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sundae Sunday

Fill 'er up!!

Welcome to Sundae Sunday!  What is that, you ask?  Well, if you're a regular reader of my blog, you've probably noticed my recent (well, ongoing) obsession with all things ice cream.  We've been suffering through an incredible heat wave here in central Texas--we're up to almost 40 days of 100º+ temperatures since late May.  This week, the intense heat has branched out to other parts of the country, and many of my blogging friends are suffering through it as well.  At least I have air-conditioning!  So what better time to make some delicious frozen treats?  Plus July is National Ice Cream Month!  It would be a shame to let it pass without some celebration.

So it seemed like a good time for a blogging event.  Back in December, I hosted a Virtual Cookie Exchange.  A bunch of us got together and posted cookie recipes on the same day, so we could share our favorites with each other.  This is the same sort of thing--we're having a virtual ice cream social, with ice cream or other frozen treats or related items (e.g. sundae toppings).  My sundae post will be up later today (a tease--I hope you like caramel!).  Later this week I'll have a round-up of what everyone made.

I've also decided to make this a seasonal thing.  I love getting my friends together for an event like this, but I know everyone is busy, so I don't want it to be too often.  The schedule will be roughly as follows...

Summer - July
Autumn - late September or early October
Holidays - December
Winter - February
Spring - late April or early May

If this sounds like fun and you'd like to participate in future events, leave a comment on this post (make sure it's not anonymous, or I won't have a way to contact you) or send me an email at diskitchennotebook at gmail dot com.  The more the merrier!  I should have a specific theme for the next event figured out by early September.  In the meantime, look around for some delicious ice cream recipes!


  1. What a fun idea, Di! I enjoyed the Virtual Cookie Exchange, and I'm working on my post for Sundae Sunday, so based on my 2 for 2 track record so far, I'll say "I'm in" for future events also!!

    Can't wait to see all the fun ice creams people post.

  2. Yay! Since most of us are too far to get together and share recipes in person, I love your virtual exchanges! =) Can't wait to see all of the ice cream treats people come up with today.....

  3. This is such a great idea, Di. Thank you for hosting the Sundae Sunday! I am also looking forward to seeing what the other guests made. Please count me in for future events.

  4. Feverishly working on my "chilling" post! What a great idea for the summer - or any season. Thanks for creating this and looking forward to seeing all the great "ice" desserts!

  5. This was such a great idea! I can't wait to see what the fall has in store for us!

  6. This sounds fun - I'd love to play along!

  7. I'd love to join next time! You can email me at lakegirlatheart AT

    We're having hot weather here too! I just made ice cream tonight!

  8. I am so excited you decided to make this a seasonal event! How much fun can we have with that!!!

  9. I would love to join you in future events. Right now I have 5 egg yolks in my fridge that are excited to become ice cream. So I'm checking your blog for some good ideas. Looks like I've come to the right place. Have a great weekend!

  10. This sounds fantastic. I would like to be part of it. Fun, fun, fun.