Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kitchen math

One of the things that Gillian has gotten into is doing Bedtime Math.  We don't get to it every day, but she's definitely getting better at the Little Kids problems over time.  We kind of did our own version in the kitchen today.  G asked me if we could make treats for her teachers (classroom and after-school).  At her request, we settled on David Lebovitz's Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies.  (Okay, I just realized that when I wrote that post, I also talked about Bedtime Math, but totally forgot that I had done so!)

The math didn't come in with the measuring this time.  It was after the cookies were baked & Gillian was trying to figure out if we had enough for all the teachers plus some for us.  So, there are three classroom teachers and four after-school teachers.  There are two pans of cookies, one with fifteen cookies and one with eleven.  How many cookies can we package up for each teacher, and will there be enough left for a family of four to have dessert? =)


  1. Ok, I'll play because I love math (no seriously, I do). That's 26 cookies for 7 teachers. I'm going with 3 cookies for each teacher, which will leave you with 5 cookies for dessert. One for each person in the family, and one to fight over :)

    1. Lol. =) That's pretty much what G came up with, except that she decided that she and B would split the extra one.