Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nuts about scones

Well, I made it.  The past week and a half at work have been draining; I've pretty much felt like I might as well live there with the number of hours I've worked.  But the worst is over--the rest of the week is pretty normal, and then I'm off this weekend.  I only had one day off this past weekend, and didn't manage to fit in much baking.  I ended up making these scones Monday morning so I could take some of them to work with me.  (I'm not the only one who's been working hard, so I thought some breakfast would be appreciated.)  I had enough energy Sunday night to do most of the mise en place, which really helps when I want to pull off some early morning baking.  

I'm tired enough that I just realized that I haven't yet mentioned that I was making the scones because they're one of this week's Tuesdays with Dorie recipes.  Yes, plural--we're almost done with the book, and are doubling up on recipes so we'll be finished by the end of the year.  I've really enjoyed the scones recipes in Baking, and was looking forward to trying this one, Honey Nut Scones.  Well, except for the fact that I'm not that fond of honey.  But then I had an idea--I could substitute maple syrup (grade B) for the honey.  I'm sure that walnuts would have been great with maple, but I had pecans in my freezer (thanks, Margaret!), so that's what I used.  The only other change I made was due to laziness and being a bit short on time--I used my 1/4 cup scoop to make drop scones, rather than patting the dough out and cutting it into triangles.  To bring out more maple flavor, I also drizzled my baked scones with a maple glaze (powdered sugar, maple syrup, a bit of milk and a pinch of salt).  

The verdict?  I love scones, and these were no exception.  They aren't very sweet, so I liked the addition of glaze.  The girls won't eat them because they don't like the pecans, but the ones I took to work disappeared pretty quickly.  I'll definitely make these again, even if it's just for me.

Jeannette has the scone recipe on her blog, and you can find everyone else's Links here.  I didn't get to the Far Breton, but be sure to check out those Links, too, and head over to Nicole's blog for that recipe. And be sure to come back here next week, when I get to be a host!

I can't resist leaving you with a picture of my trick-or-treaters from last night:


  1. I'm exhausted just reading that! :) And impressed - that you were even able to make them! They look wonderful Di - especially with the glaze - and drop... what a concept. Love it. And love the Treaters. I'm a sucker for Snow White though!

  2. Glad yo are enjoying the pecans. I have more!!

    Those look fantastic. I love the idea of drizzled maple over the top. Have to try that next time

    Girls are such cuties.

  3. maple glaze! amazing! Way to improvise

  4. Hey Di! I'm glad you got to make these (even in your tired state) and that you and the other hard workers loved them. I LOVE the addition of the maple syrup in both the dough and the glaze! They look yummy and I know I would love them if they were made for me :) Thank you for baking with me this week!!

    Ps. Put in a good word for me to Margaret, I love pecans ;) JK!!

    Pss. I will be in Canyon Lake from the 18th until after black friday. maybe we can coordinate a little get together if the holidays don't get in the way ;)

  5. You are awesome to bake in the morning! I just added you to my blogroll - I knew I had forgotten someone when I redesigned that section last weekend :)

  6. Adorable trick or treaters!

    I too went for a maple version - and I think I would make them again that way, but with pecans and a lovely glaze like you made. Beautiful presentation!