Saturday, June 4, 2011

How I spent my summer vacation

Okay, my summer vacation only consists of a week (and is technically before summer actually starts), but it's been a fun week.  Not that you could tell by Gillian's face. =)   Not the best picture ever, but it has the virtue of being taken somewhere other than here.  The where was Columbus, Ohio, at my aunt's house.  The who was my mom's brothers and sisters, along with their spouses and most of their kids and the three grandkids (my girls and my cousin's new baby).  We even had some honorary family join us all the way from The Netherlands!  We did what we usually do--we talked, and shopped, and ate and drank.  Generally there was just lots of relaxing going on, and passing the baby around...

B with her second cousin Penny

We got to Ohio on Saturday, and since Brianna was done with school last Friday, we didn't have to rush home.  Most of the family headed home Monday or early Tuesday, but we didn't fly out until Wednesday.  That meant that we had Tuesday available to see someone other than family.  A couple of friends from college live in Columbus, so we went to their house for dinner Tuesday night.  I think that G really enjoyed that, since their daughter is just a bit older than G, and their little boy isn't that much younger.  After dinner, we went for a walk and got to sample some of the yummy flavors at Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Earlier on Tuesday, we drove a ways north of Columbus (up toward Cleveland, though not all the way there) to meet up with another friend.  I love that Jamie doesn't think it at all odd that I would do that to visit with someone that I've never actually met in person.  But hey, I had already gone all the way to Ohio, so what was a little more traveling?  We were able to have lunch with my blogging friend Phyl and his wife, Juanita.  And did we talk about food?  No, we mostly talked about our kids, since mine were along for the ride.  

Phyl, Juanita, Jamie and me

The picture above was taken by Brianna, who will probably spend the rest of the summer asking to use my camera.  She apparently also managed to take some amusing video while trying to take pictures with Phyl's phone.

Once we were home, I still had a few days of time away from work to enjoy.  The girls and I stayed home on Thursday, because I didn't feel like driving back and forth to the daycare.  We went to the library (and I got my haircut) and that was about it.  Friday was my running around day.  I dropped the girls off and then headed to Starbucks to wait for 10am, when Costco and the other places I need to visit would be open.  I was reading stuff online, and ran across this great article (which includes the recipe for Dorie's delicious sablés), which reminded me that Dorie was in town, giving away cookies!  So I set off to find her, and them.  I found the cookies.  I saw Dorie, but she was running around doing stuff.  I did get to have a nice conversation with her lovely husband, though. =)  And I'm looking forward to trying out her new iPad app when it comes out this summer.

And I have to leave you with a picture of me with my sisters.  Whenever we get together, we have to take a "smushed face" self-portrait. (selves-portrait?)  


  1. Ciao Di ! I loved too read about your too short vacation. I'm happy you and your family really enjoied !Baci

  2. Sounds like you packed a ton of stuff into your vacation Di! I love that you went to find Dorie to get cookies. I'm looking forward to trying the new app too, assuming I can convince Shane to share the ipad :)

  3. Everything sounds absolutely fun, but the picture of you and your sisters brings the biggest smile to my face!

  4. Di,
    Just loved this blog. Sounds like the vacation was a great break. Larry and I enjoyed hearing about it - it really helps keep us up-to-date. G & B are getting so big! Miss ya' all.

  5. I'm so happy you had such a great vaca and trip! And how cool that you got to meet the kid-taken-tilted-picture. =)

    PS My word verification is "ovenala"...doesn't that sound like some fun cooking gala that we could all go to? =)

  6. Great photos...such fun to see the things you did on your vacation. Love the photos of you all and Phyl and Juanita and the one of you and your sisters...and, of course, the ones of the girls are always favorites!

  7. I love family reunions but I only get to go to Bill's family ones. Not much of my family left.

    Great pics. Love that you got to meet with Phyl and Juanita. What fun.

    Lucky you to have sisters. And sisters you can have fun with.

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