Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm late, I'm late

Yes, I'm behind.  But I figured I'd better get another one of these cookies baked and posted before the group disowns me. =)  On one hand, I don't have much of an excuse, since I've been on vacation this week.  But in reality, it's been a busy week--lots of appointments and other stuff I can't get done when I'm working.  Tuesday, Brianna and I went to the eye doctor and we found out that Brianna needs glasses.  She has mixed feelings about it; guess we'll see how things go once we pick up her glasses sometime next week.  Wednesday was Gillian's turn--4-year-old check-up.  Five shots, which she took amazingly well.  I only got one (flu shot), and I think my arm bothered me more than her legs bothered her after the first day. =)  Thursday was consumed with Brianna's class holiday party (I baked cookies for them to decorate), and Friday I helped with Gillian's daycare party.  I had every intention of baking more cookies, but I decided to go with spiced nuts as teacher gifts, figuring they would get plenty of sweets from everyone else.

And so it managed to get all the way to Saturday, and I hadn't baked another one of these Cookies We Love.  To be totally honest, I guess I'm just not feeling the love for any of these cookies.  It seems like I run into problems no matter which one I think about making.  The next one I had my eye on was the Galletas con Chochitos.  Several of the other bakers have made these, and there were some reports that they spread a lot and just weren't that exciting.  But I finally just decided to forge ahead and see how they would turn out. After all, I got these amazing chocolate sprinkles from King Arthur Flour, and really wanted to use them.  

I admit, I can't leave well enough alone, and I made some changes to the recipe.  The first thing I did was replace two of the egg yolks with a whole egg.  I have more egg whites in my freezer than I can count, and just couldn't face the idea of adding three more.  I mixed up the dough, and decided to chill it before forming the cookies, since it was pretty sticky.  I also changed the method for forming the cookies.  I've run into this debate before when making bagels.  I'm firmly in the "form a rope and join the ends together" camp, rather than the "make a ball and poke a hole in the middle" faction.  So I went with my preferred shaping for these cookies, too.  The ends don't always want to stick together, but that's okay, because they'll fuse when the cookies bake.  I also used up the leftover egg white making spiced nuts, so I just brushed the tops of the cookies with some water (I used my finger dipped in a bowl of water) and then dunked them in the sprinkles.  That worked just fine.  The final change I made was to the baking temperature.  I baked one pan at the recipe temperature of 300ºF (for 15 min) and got cookies that were cakey and didn't have much color.  So when I made the second pan (the next morning, after letting the remaining dough chill overnight), I changed the temperature to 350ºF and baked the cookies until they were nicely browned on the bottoms and edges, about 12 minutes.  (I'm not sure of the exact timing;  I turned off the timer without realizing it. Oops.)

Cookie from batch #1 on the left, batch #2 on the right

The verdict?  I definitely liked the second batch better.  I prefer my butter cookies browned and crisp.  Brianna, on the other hand, gave the first batch a thumbs-up, since she liked the softer texture.  Something for everyone! =)  I'm not sure if I'll make these again, since they seemed rather fussy for something that just wasn't that exciting in the end.  I'll definitely be finding a use for the rest of the sprinkles, though. =)

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  1. Tell your daughter some of the most beautiful women wear glasses. She can work it to her advantage. Love;y photos and cookies. This seems to be a popular one.

  2. Hey, contacts since 16 and I'm toying with Lasik... hm - glasses will make here more successful looking. :) And those cookies look wonderful! I will have to try those sprinkles - as most seem rather... tasteless. Beautiful presentation Di!

  3. These are so cute Di! They remind me of the donuts I used to love as a kid that we'd get from Dunkin Donuts on occasion. Chocolate sprinkles are a major weakness for me, so these would be popular :)

  4. I like your chocolate sprinkles, and I suspect my boys would too. They really liked the sprinkle cookies. And no, we won't disown you. :-)

  5. Your inner scientist really came out with this recipe, Di. I love seeing the two different versions. Your finished cookies look good and I'm glad to hear that the sprinkles are fab. But unexcitibg cookies are a disappointment, no matter how you look at it.

    I hope that you ended up a bit more rested even though your vacation was pretty filled with activity!